The company's profits are not enough to pay off all its debts, and there are no additional sources of financing.
Solution Capital Partners recommends its clients not to wait for "attacks" of creditors and lawsuits but try to reimburse for financial expenses and labor costs.

A buyout of a company with debts will suit you if:
- You are tired of your business and want to do something else
- You have no material, physical and managerial resources for self-restoration of the company's health
- You have a choice: bankruptcy without getting any profit or selling a company with debts

What will happen to the company next?
Our experts will analyze the current situation and discuss it with creditors. The follow-up ways can include repayment of loans at the expense of Solution Capital Partners’  own assets, restructuring of loans with attraction of additional collateral in agreement with suppliers and banks, optimization of business processes and business improvement aimed at increasing the profitability of the company.
We are interested in saving your business and making it successful and profitable!

Why is selling a company with debts more profitable than bankruptcy?
- You receive money from the sale of the company. In the event of bankruptcy, virtually all assets can be allocated to pay off the debts to creditors and legal expenditures
- You retain your reputation. One cannot disagree that "the businessman who transferred the company into reliable hands" and "the businessman whose company went bankrupt" look completely different in the eyes of partners, competitors and suppliers
- You are doing everything possible to save your business, let it be and not under your leadership. We will try to save your company and make it successful, and also we can give you the priority right of to repurchase your business after solving all its difficulties.


Experienced consultants of Solution Capital Partners will analyze your case and suggest the best way to restructure your debt.

Debt restructuring consulting from Solution Capital Partners includes:

- the assessment of the current situation in the company, including its financial condition, loan portfolio, management effectiveness, revenue and cost structures, asset values
- developing a model of negotiations with creditors and suppliers
- recommendations on the procedure of debt restructuring and general improvement of business
The key to success in this task is the selection of competent and experienced consultants who will accompany you at all stages of the process.


The situation where the credit repayment delay became critical is difficult both for the borrower and the bank. The first one has no desire to part with the collateral, but does not see any other ways to solve the debt problem, and the second one wants to return their money without difficulty with selling collateral assets and collecting debts any other way.
Waiting in this case can only aggravate the situation, as the debt of the borrower is increasing, the collateral property, on the contrary, can lose in value – and as a result, the bank's risks are increasing every day, and the situation in which the borrower finds itself is becoming more pitiful.
Solution Capital Partners has developed a solution that is beneficial for both parties – we are ready to purchase a troubled loan from the bank, taking on the debt collection from the borrower, and to meet the debtor halfway by granting it a grace period for the payment of interest and the loan.

Benefits from redemption of a debt secured by a collateral for a bank
- saving of own resources for debt collection or sale of collateral
- return of funds
- disposal of work with non-core assets – sale of collateral or its exploitation

Benefits from redemption of a debt secured by a collateral for a borrower
- possibility of loan restructuring
- possibility to save collateral
- no bankruptcy risk for the company initiated by the bank